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White Tree Preschool, Westbury Park Methodist Church, 4 North View, Westbury Park, Bristol, BS6 7QB

Tel: 07804 269289

Email: whitetree_preschool@yahoo.co.uk


'Learning Together and Having Fun'

".... my children have all really loved their time at White Tree I couldn't recommend it highly enough..."

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Newsletter September 2016


The Term Ahead at White Tree Preschool


We have lots planned for this term!


At the beginning of Term we will be getting to know each other and settling into our new Preschool environment.  We will learn about different types of homes and we will role play being in different rooms of the house e.g. kitchen, bathroom.  We will build homes with a variety of construction materials including junk modelling, foam bricks and wooden blocks.  


We will play games to learn the names of our friends and find out about our families.  We will bring in photos of family members for our very own Preschool Family Tree and we will bring in objects belonging to our family members for Show and Tell.


One of our themes will be number and quantity.  We will read Goldilocks and write her a letter from the 3 bears.  We will have a 3 Bears Cottage role play area complete with differently sized chairs, bears and porridge portions.  We will investigate bears and numbers hidden inside blocks of ice and sing one of our favourite action songs,  Mr Teddy!