White Tree Preschool

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White Tree Preschool, Westbury Park Methodist Church, 4 North View, Westbury Park, Bristol, BS6 7QB

Tel: 07804 269289

Email: whitetree_preschool@yahoo.co.uk


'Learning Together and Having Fun'




When children arrive in the morning, they hang their bags/coats on their picture peg in the cloakroom, then select their ‘apple’ from the registration desk to hang on our ‘Apple Tree’.

Apple Tree time

Apple tree time is our time at the start of the session when all the children gather together to greet each other with a ‘hello song’ and talk about any special activities for the day. We encourage all children to come to apple tree time.

Special Helper

Each day we select a special helper who assists at Apple Tree time (counting the children and adults). Just to reassure you, this is done in a rotational system, and dated in the register so even if your child doesn’t tell you that they have done this, they are all offered equal opportunities!

Free Play

Our timetable includes plenty of opportunity for free play, to ensure children have enough time to pursue their own interests within the context of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework.

tidy up time

Your child will be encouraged to access resources independently, particularly those on our trolleys. We do ask though that if they get something out, they put it back when they have finished so that it is ready for someone else to play with. Everyone helps to tidy up at the end of the session too.

Snack Time

Your child will join their freinds at the table to enjoy a mid morning snack of fruit and a nutritious carbohydrate choice, and a drink of milk or water

(all dietry requirements are attended too. Pease inform your childs keyworker)

Small Group Time

After apple tree time, the children go to their allocated small group (which group they are in depends on the days they attend preschool). During small group time, the children are able to take part in a variety of activities designed to cover all areas of the Early Years Curriculum. Working in small groups gives the children the opportunity to try new things, to talk with their peers and to learn from one another and to gain in confidence.

Small group time is planned to last for approx 10-15 minute

Outdoor play

We aim to go outside and play in our garden everyday. We have two secure areas, one with a large sand pit, a play house and a climbing frame with slide, a sensory and water area where the children are encouraged to explore by looking, feeling and smelling.

Our other secure area is an open space used for large physical play such as ride ons and balls.


Routine is important to the children at White Tree Preschool.

Each morning session is divided into the following activities:-

Please note:

If your child is attending for full days our afternoon routine is as follows:

Lunch time is 12.15pm- 1pm

The afternoon sessions then begins. We offer a supervised rest area for children who require a nap, and free play for those who don't.

After which we will go back down to the garden(weather permitting) until collection.