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10. How will the education setting prepare and support my child/young person to join the setting, transfer to a new setting or the next stage of education and life?


The sooner we know what needs your child has, the more time it will give us to put provision in place for when they join us. We are keen to make all transitions for children as smooth as possible, both when they join us and when they move on to other provision. There are a number of things which we do to help when children are moving to other provision, including:

• Play based activities – using resources appropriate to your child’s development, we will help them to explore upcoming changes through play.

• We have a book with photographs of a number of local schools for children to look at.

• We contact the schools/other provision which our children will be moving on to, to find out what transition support they are able to provide e.g. visiting our children at the setting. Wherever possible we arrange for teachers from the relevant schools to come in to preschool to meet the children and see them at play.

• If we are invited to take the children to school to have a look around during preschool hours, we do this if it is practicable.

• We complete ‘Bristol City Council’s transition record for all our children transferring to Primary School/ another preschool. Parents are always welcome to see this record. We make sure that the school is aware of any additional needs any of our children have and which will necessitate additional support at the provision they are moving to.

• If any other professionals are involved in our children’s care, we liaise with them about our children’s transition to school/other setting to make the change as easy as possible for the child and family.