White Tree Preschool

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White Tree Preschool, Westbury Park Methodist Church, 4 North View, Westbury Park, Bristol, BS6 7QB

Tel: 07804 269289

Email: [email protected]


'Learning Together and Having Fun'


Planning for your child’s interests

For children who have just joined us, you will have filled in an ‘All about Me’ form. These forms provide us with a lot of useful information about your child, their likes and dislikes and particular interests at the moment. Similarly from time to time we will ask you to complete a ‘Special Interests’ form for us so that we can continue to track your child’s interests. These forms help us to plan our play and activities around your child’s interests. A lot of research has shown that children learn best when activities interest them. It might be that dinosaurs fascinate them, and in order to develop their cutting skills we use dinosaurs as a mini theme to encourage them to learn new skills in an enjoyable activity.  It might be princesses that resonate with your child’s active learning, and we use this as a theme to interact with other children.


Key Person

Each child is matched to a member of staff who will be the key person for their care in our setting. They will get to know them really well, maintain their learning journal and develop a relationship with you so we can freely exchange information between preschool and home to best support your child’s learning.  You can speak to your child’s key person at any session and there will also be opportunities to have meetings with them formally and informally during the year. Key people are supported by other members of staff so that although most staff as well as children are part time there is always someone who knows your child well.


Links with other settings

If your child attends another setting, we will ask your permission to exchange information about your child with that setting. By sharing ‘Next Steps’ goals and information about your child both settings will be able to maximise the learning experiences provided for your child.


Parental Involvement

Parents and carers are always welcome to ‘stay and play’ for all, or part of the morning. Your child will value this and you will gain an insight into our activities.


There are three notice boards for parents:

  • A general publicity board shared with the Toddler Club in the downstairs Hall;

  • One on the landing where parents can share information;

  • The main notice board in the preschool room with day-to-day information in the hall.


Other information is posted on the doors directly as you come into the preschool. An up to date copy of the most recent newsletter is also placed here. If you misplace your copy, we can always print off another one as a lot of details are included with this letter.

Social  events and fundraising events are sometimes arranged for parents, carers and staff. New ideas are always welcome.



You will receive a newsletter at least once a term, keeping you informed about future dates, topics and interests, social events and any preschool news.