White Tree Preschool

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White Tree Preschool, Westbury Park Methodist Church, 4 North View, Westbury Park, Bristol, BS6 7QB

Tel: 07804 269289

Email: [email protected]


'Learning Together and Having Fun'

Health & Safety

At White Tree Preschool we want to provide the best envioronment for learning we can. We work with the Church as buildings matters arise, as well as carrying out a daily safety check of the preschool room to ensure it is a safe environment for all our children.


Please inform us if your child will be absent, of any changes in circumstances or any significant happenings which could affect behaviour. Please also tell us of any minor injuries, or anything which you think may affect your child during the session (a sleepless night perhaps?) so we can note this in our ‘Bumps and Bruises’ book. This knowledge helps us to provide the best care for your child.


Please also keep your child away for 48 hours after any vomiting or diarrhoea or if he or she has any infectious illness. The setting will inform the parent about any concerns and any significant happenings during the session. It will involve parents in the records kept about their child and allow parents access to all records kept on their child on request.


Any information passed on by parents as they arrive in the setting is recorded in the daily diary and transferred to the child’s records as appropriate . Equally anything to be reported to parents is also recorded there.

Health and Safety Officer

                             Liz Carr

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